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Vegan Coconut Milk Mysorepak - 1/2 KG


The very popular South Indian delicacy, Mysorepak has now been Veganized. Go on to taste the first of its kind, soft, moist, decadent, melt-in-the-mouth Mysorepak made to delight your senses - and without any guilt! We’ve perfected the recipe over time, bringing just the right texture and consistency of the traditional ‘Ghee Mysorepak’ using just coconut milk. It's too difficult to not go for seconds with this one. Our bestseller - and what has made us who we are - the Vegan Mysorepak.
#GlutenFree #Bestselling #VeganMysorepak #Vegan
Ingredients: Chickpea Flour, Coconut Milk, Palm Jaggery, Sugar, Oil and Cardamom

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Salwat Hamrah
Taste so nice

Kickass as always.

Minu M
Vegan sweets purchased recently

Delicious as always. Thank you so very much.

Digital Nomad
Vegan Mysorepak

Vijay Sweets reputation rests on their soft, almost crumbly Mysore Pak. Instead of ghee, they do use coconut milk.

Indraveni Kamalanathan

So I got these mysorepaks.
If u put the dairy ones and this one side by side, they look the same.
The taste is very similar
The texture is not so, this did not have the melt on your mouth feeling, but the taste compensates that very well.
This is a GREAT VEGAN alternative.

And the best part was, after eating, I didn't get that heavy feeling in my stomach that I would from eating the dairy Mysore Pak.

Actually the better part is, all the packaging was eco friendly and there was no plastic packaging!

So this is a 11/10 for me.

Good job to Vijay sweets vegan Coimbatore for sure !!

And u need to have thissss *slurp*

Atul Balaji
Coconut Milk Mysorepak

The Mysore Pak blew my mind. So good. Thanks