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Vegan Tirupati Prasadam Style Laddoo - 1/2 KG


This mesmerizing golden balls of nostalgic heaven will leave you bedazzled. If you've been a Tirupati laddu fanatic, and have been missing out on eating this because of ethical reasons, your prayers have been heard! This is the ultimate vegan version of the famed prasadam made to perfection with vegan ghee.

Ingredients: Gram flour, cashew nuts, almonds, cardamom, Livyum ghee, sugar, spices  (Cloves and Cinnamon) and raisins.

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Customer Reviews

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Veeraj Chheda
Tastes awesome

Only problem is the elaichi outer shells which get stuck in teeth while eating. Please use cardamom seeds and not outher shells as they spoil the eating experience

Rajat Handa
Great Sweets and Chips

I had order sweets from Vijay sweets I highly recommend these sweets much better then the sweets which have milk and Ghee
Special recommendation of Tirupati Pooja Ladoo

Smita Sen K
Too good to be true!

Thank you Vijay sweets for the amazing vegan sweets. I am an ardent fan of all your sweets and snacks. Pl continue the great work and efforts!

Sai krishna S

Vegan Tirupati Prasadam Style Laddoo - 1/2 KG

Mani KJ
Great taste

Thanks alot Vijay sweets and team for bringing us all kinds of the sweets which can help people going vegan easily. You are doing a noble cause brother. Please keep it up and let's together stop animal suffering as much as possible.

One enhancement advice for tirupati laddu is, typical tirupati laddu contains many small crystal sugar granules if possible please try to add them, so that people cannot recognise which is tirupati laddu and which is our laddu. I do see catering services of yours for marriages, really impressed with that. If possible will get in touch with you in future for catering services.