Sai Satvigaa 

A saviour for vegans who crave for Indian sweets ♥️ loved their coconut milk Halwa , carrot Mysore pa , kaju kathli and cashew mixture ♥️ tastes exactly like dairy sweets . Kudos to your initiative ♥️



Finally can comfortably order halwa, cashew burfi and mysore pak without discussing no ghee, no cova, no butter etc. What's even better is it has the typical taste and texture inspite of not adding sugar, maida etc. in some of the options.


Subha Rao

The elneer halwa was something rare and wanted to try. It was so delicious and healthy at the same time 😊. The savories are yummy and tasty too. Was little worried if the snacks will arrive on time, but it did. Thanks a lot😊


Dr. Sameerdev Kasarwani 

One of the Best Sweet shop in India , I tasted all the white sugar free sweet range , love the taste of Karupatti Maysorepak . Thank you Vijay Bhai for such a great work , best wishes for your further growth and development 🙏



I love their Halwas the most. Their passion to provide the best is relentless.

Just give them the hardest (to veganize)sweet on the planet and they will veganize it for you. They have a gulab jamun premix which is dairy free. Also their mysore pak texture is better than a regular dairy based one.
And most importantly their pricing is competitive.


Vaishali Jain 

Hub of vegan sweets and everything is to tasty & delicious.
Mysore pak melts in mouth
Prasadam ladoo which can't believe to be vegan
Kaju katli can you believe it can be made from jaggery too and tasty but they have done it Simply loved the sweets. Owner is so humble & kind don't have words to describe


Indraveni Kamalatham 

So I got these mysorepaks.
If u put the dairy ones and this one side by side, they look the same.
The taste is very similar
The texture is not so, this did not have the melt on your mouth feeling, but the taste compensates that very well.
This is a GREAT VEGAN alternative.

And the best part was, after eating, I didn't get that heavy feeling in my stomach that I would from eating the dairy Mysore Pak.

Actually the better part is, all the packaging was eco friendly and there was no plastic packaging!

So this is a 11/10 for me.

Good job to Vijay sweets vegan Coimbatore for sure !!

And u need to have thissss *slurp*



The Mysore Pak is absolutely delicious.
And very affordable. They delivered it in two days to BANGALORE.
Vijay sweets is a boon to every vegan and Health conscious person, a perfect balance. Also try the iron man laddoo. The sesame flavour in it rocks
The NURFI is delicious, cucumber seed milk, too cool!
So proud of this Coimbatore brand


Vaani RT 

Me and my husband are really glad we got to enjoy these wonderful sweets from Vijay Sweets Coimbatore. So proud of Aravindan and his wife Rhea for being one of the pioneers and setting a standard for vegan sweets in India. All of them are obviously good, but my personal favourite from these four is definitely the wheat halwa and kaju katli, closely followed by the carrot and regular mysorepak. Delivery was fast and they try to cater to people who prefer refined sugar-free sweets as well. Would highly recommend this place for those who are looking to order Indian sweets and namkeens.


Sanjukta Bhattacharjee

Have heard about the Gulab Jamun mix had ordered 2 Rakhi gifts and it was wonderful, both my brother s had an amazing feedback about the taste and also it is awakening for them that vegan Sweets are delicious and value for money and it has also given a reason to think on cruelty free choices. Thank you Aravindan and Rhea for the wonderful idea.


Yashwanthara Mohanraj

As a family being absolute fans of Vijay Sweets’ vegan Mysorepak, we were blown away by their new launch of vegan Gulab Jamun Pre Mix!! Although, I was excited to try gulab jamuns made from their pre mix, i was taken aback because I didn’t expect it to be this good!!
Eating gulab jamuns is very close to my heart because it’s nostalgic and reminds me of the ones my grandparents would make for us, and eating the gulab jamuns made from Vijay sweets, brought back all the sweet memories. I can stands down say it’s NO different in Taste, and YES different in ways that matter to me: kinder to animals, the planet, and the people!! ❤️❤️❤️
Divya Philip
Your mysore pak tastes exactly the same as a non vegan one.
I shared it with my non vegan family and colleagues. They loved it and could not tell the difference. It appears healthier because its not oily like the regular mysore pak.
The flavor of ghee is missing but it does not matter. I could eat more sweets without feeling full.
It was delivered to Bangalore in 2 days. And it stayed fresh for another 4 days. The cost is less and the delivery is free too.