Assorted Cashew Magic - 1/4 KG

Assorted Cashew Magic - 1/4 KG

Assorted Cashew Magic - 1/4 KG

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If you've been wondering why Vijay Sweets hasn't come up with new launches recently, it's because we were too busy making some irresistible vegan delights for you! 

Your wait is over! Our latest cashew assortment is the next best thing after puppies and kittens, as close as we could get to the dairy counterparts - here's launching, 

Cashew Peda

Kaju Pineapple Barfi

Kaju Pista Barfi

Shahi Guava Peda

They don't just look amazing but also taste absolutely divine. Made with natural fruits and 100% vegan, it's a beautiful assortment for any occasion. Each box contains 4 sweets of each variety.

Ingredients: Cashew Paste, Dry Fruits, Natural Guava, Pineapple, Sugar, and spices.

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