Elaneer Halwa - 1/2 KG

Elaneer Halwa - 1/2 KG

Elaneer Halwa - 1/2 KG

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We are back with a brand new vegan delicacy ready to take your taste buds for a spin! Elaneer Halwa or 'Tender Coconut' Halwa oftentimes made with Ghee is a classic melt-in-the-mouth, can't-stop-with-one-bite kind of sweet. Wheat is delicately fermented in tender coconut water and then slow-cooked in coconut oil. Fresh pieces of tender coconut and cashews are added giving you a nice tropical bite. Sweetened with only Jaggery.

Ingredients: Tender Coconut Pieces, Tender Coconut Water, Coconut Oil, Wheat, Jaggery, Cardamom, Cashewnuts.

Weight: 500 Gms 

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