The Mysore Pak is a famous South Indian sweet that is famous for its melt in the mouth consistency and the flavor of ghee (clarified butter). The delicious sweet is served in the form of perfect cubes of golden-brown color. The sweet is an important part of South Indian festivals and weddings, primarily in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The fundamental ingredients are gram flour, sugar and ghee and a hint of cardamom.

The sweet was originally made as a dessert for The Maharaja of Mysore, Krishnaraja Wadiyar IV, by the Maharaja’s head chef. The chef had forgotten to prepare a dessert for the Maharaja who was among the wealthiest people of the 20th century. In haste, the chef improvised and created a fudge like sweet of gram flour, sugar and ghee. The Maharaja who was a food connoisseur, summoned him and asked him the name of the dessert. The chef promptly uttered “Mysore Pak”. “Pak” meaning extremely sweet sugar syrup. Hence, the tale of one of the best selling and most loved sweets of India began.

In modern times, the sweet has undergone many changes and its adaptation “Mysurpa” has become extremely popular. The Mysurpa is a rendition of the original and is typically associated with the city of Coimbatore. The original Mysore Pak had a hard, crunchy and crumbly consistency whereas the Mysurpa is famous for its soft texture which melts in your mouth. With people turning to healthier lifestyles and healthier diets, they crave healthier versions of their favorite sweet. We, at Vijay Sweets, Coimbatore have made adaptations of the favorite sweet of the city to suit present-day palates and diets.

We introduced the first Vegan Mysorepak of India. We replaced the ghee with coconut milk and we retained the same texture that people loved. You get the same taste and melt in the mouth consistency, only this time, it’s cruelty-free. We also use palm sugar instead of white sugar and voila, it is much healthier and lighter. Our customers can’t get enough of our Vegan Mysorepak and we’ve been getting orders from all over the world. Get your box of this delicious delicacy at

Rahul Nair
Rahul Nair is a software and gaming student at a college in Coimbatore with an inclination to write about food.
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