After 2 eventful years, we are crossing yet another milestone. We have found a distributor in the US who runs a company called 'Our Streets of India' who will be able to ship our vegan sweets and snacks across the country. You will be able to connect with him directly in order to order for your friends and family situated in the US.  We hope this new partnership allows us to reach a larger audience and takes the vegan cause and its alternatives to a new level. As we say in Coimbatore 'Vera Level Ji!'

To get in touch with Our Streets of India, please contact: +1(980) 939 3385

The Great Indian grocery store Aha Bazaar from UK is now going to supply our products in the UK through their website. We can't get more ecstatic than this!

To place an order, simply order on their website - 

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Rahul Nair
Rahul Nair is a software and gaming student at a college in Coimbatore with an inclination to write about food.
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